Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling: The heat lost by an object by the evaporation of a liquid covering said object...my (Jeff's) loose definition.

Evaporative cooling is a wonderful design. I don´t know about you, but I carry my evaporative cooler with me wherever I go, especially in this heat. However it wasn't working yesterday and I found out why after some troubleshooting.

Yesterday, it was the typical 97 degrees by 7:00am, so naturally I broke out into a sweat from the over-exertion of putting on my shoes. But alas, no cooling occurred with the sweat. I was worried. Maybe my evaporative cooler was broken. I had a brilliant idea...I turned on the floor fan right in front of my face...this should make it work (note, it wouldn't have helped anyways today because the electricity was out during the heat of the day). But alas, my cooler still did not work, even with the fan on high...there was no evaporation occurring!

What do you do when an appliance is broken? Just like you, I Google it. So, I Googled: brokenevaporativecoolerdespitefan. In 0.12 seconds Google found 314,578 possible reasons. The #1 reason...you guessed it, Relative Humidity. At 97 degrees with a relative humidity between 70-80%, the heat index is around 115 degrees. There are no evaporative coolers that work in these conditions...I know because after Googling it, I tried to buy one on Amazon.com ... there were none for sale, and if Amazon doesn't have them, then they don't exist.

No surprise, I am dripping sweat as I write this at 10:00pm...and all the readers said "Ewwhh".

Happy evaporative cooling, glistening, sweating, or whatever you want to call it.