Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Think I Can...I Think I Can...I KNOW I Can in Christ

Learning is becoming a lifestyle. Sometimes the lessons feel impossible...yet we know there is hope. Here are some examples of the practical application of the hope we find in the verse: "For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength." (Phil. 4:13)
I (Bethany) drove our vehicle, non-automatic, stick shift vehicle, without Jeff in the car giving me "when to shift" instructions. Okay, so I did take Andrew with me so that I wouldn't be tempted to stop the car, cry and refuse to drive another inch. I made it to my destination and back without stalling and even managed to do a K-turn on a road the size of a grocery store aisle.

When a tree caught fire in the plot of land next to where we are living (due to the practice of slash-and-burn), the neighbors asked Jeff to call the "bomberos" (fire dept.). Why the Spanish-speaking neighbors didn't make the call is still a mystery to us...but now we know we are capable of calling the fire department. Jeff gave them the directions in Spanish. Keep in mind, there are no addresses or street names here. The firefighters did show up to the correct location, put most of the fire out, and came surprisingly quickly!

(by the way...the tree is still smouldering...that's dry season for you!)

Jeff learned that it is possible to set up a surgery suite in the living room. The "nursing staff" is still lacking...but it is possible to remove tumors and other parts without a laser and the other nifty tools that existed in his O.R. in the States.

I did attempt waffles again. It was deliciously successful. It is more fun to make waffles when I can wear the super-cute apron that my friend Shawna made for me.

Yes, there are many things that we feel like we "can't do"...but when you follow God into the place He has called you to be...He equips you to do things that you need to do even when they are new, strange, different and difficult.