Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Meaningful and 'Reminding' Miracle

So, are you ready for a little story (with a personal lesson mixed in)? Yesterday, we hear a knock on our gate and the honk of a motor-cycle horn. Jeff goes out to the gate and comes back in with a manilla mailing envelope with a dear friend's return address in the corner. I open it and inside there is a pink bandana, a necklace/earring set and a little pack of cute notepads. It is a gift for me from this 'dear friend of mine'. I don't know when she sent it...but it did safely arrive yesterday.

The arrival of a package...especially one with jewelry in a miracle! What is even more amazing (and an AMAZING example of God's Love and Provision for not just our needs but our wants as well) is that just the day before, I said to Jeff that I regretted not keeping more of my jewelry....AND....I had thought to myself that same day that I wanted a bandana in which to pull back my hair.

I am continually amazed at how God provides for the little wants in my life. He is a great gift giver...eternally and in the mundane!

This lesson in provision is well-timed (go figure). As we prepare to set up our house next month, I am tempted to covet more than is necessary for a home, as well as, wanting all the perfect little touches to make our home environment perfect. However, the arrival of the bandana and jewelry reminded me that God knows me...He knows the 'wants' in my life and He is more than capable of providing those as He sees fit. It is up to me to receive them graciously which therefore affords HIM the glory.