Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Window Wednesday - Cropped

When I (Jeff) was a child, my grandfather bought me a subscription to World Magazine (National Geographic for kids). I enjoyed the back cover of the magazine that was entitled "What in the World". It had pictures of ordinary things (like a sunflower), but so tightly cropped, that it was hard to tell what it was. Of course, the answers were written upside-down on the bottom of the page. I have no idea how to do that, so you will have to just scroll down to see the answers. I apologize for the pixely appearance of some pictures, but that is what happens when you crop down 100X.

What in the World?

I am sure you can tell by now.

This little friend of ours wanted to take a shower with me one day. Always look before you step in the shower, and shake your shoes out before putting them on. Good advice...Good advice!

What in the World?

Hint: These feet bring good news. This is the foot of one of our friends.

Our friendly geckos are always welcome visitors because of the insects they eat. However they do surprise you every now and then when they fall on you, or you try to turn a light switch on in the dark, and the jump on your hand.

Oh, someone spilled some rice...probably Noah. "Noah, come here please...did you do this?"...

Oh, wait, that's not rice...

This desk drawer looked like a nice place for a nest.

What it the world?

Ohhh, it looks like a cute little mammal.

It is a cute little mammal, perched on the top of our mosquito net at 2a.m. The sound of it running up the net, with the cat in hot pursuit, woke Bethany up. Guess who got to carry him outside?

I am just now realizing, that if anyone was ever thinking of coming to visit us, they are porbably now reconsidering. Really it is not that bad, and remember from our post last year while in CIT, we name all of our home invaders, so really they are all just pets. We have a home full of pets!