Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Window Wednesday: It's Raining, It's Pouring....Well Almost.

Rainy season or "winter" is almost upon us here in Nica! By the way...let's define "winter": winter is 95 degrees and raining; as opposed to "summer" which is 95 degrees and not raining. And, actually today we learned a phrase, analogous to "it's raining cats and dogs". It is: "llueven sapos y culebras" (which translated means: It's raining toads and snakes).

Last week, we had an "early" episode of rain and in the city, it even hailed. There was also 2 earthquakes after the freak thunderstorm (we didn't feel the tremors or see the hail, other than the newspaper photos...but we did feel the rain!) Noah enjoyed dancing in the rain. Here are the photos...

The First (that we've seen) Tropical Thundercloud of the Season

Tasting the Rain

Our Gate: Raindrops dripping down...proof that it is indeed raining!

Dancing in the Rain