Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Window Wednesday

A couple of weeks ago, we met up with a friend from our sending church (Ogletown Baptist Church) who was passing through Central America. We met him in the city of Granada. Granada is rumored to be one of the oldest cities in the Western Hempishere. The city sits on the shore of Lake Nicaragua. Lake Nicaragua is rumored to have 400 lb. bull sharks living in it. The lake is also home to a few volcanos and over 300 islands. It is a beautiful city with brightly colored buildings and cathedrals. Enjoy the glimpes through the photos!

"Sea glass" can be found on the shore...Ella enjoyed looking for and collecting the sea glass.

Some local Nicaraguans swimming in the lake...swimming with the possibility of meeting a shark is not high on our list.

The kids on the shore of Lake Nicaragua.

One of the cathedrals in the plaza of Granada.