Window Wednesday

It is officially "winter" here in Nica. Winter is synonymous with "rainy season." The offical first day of winter is May 15. The rain started on May 14th...and will continue into October. Today, just as the kids needed to leave for school, it started pouring! We must be adjusting to the laid back nature of the culture (academically known as a "non-crisis oriented society") because we didn't have raincoats for the kids and only one umbrella. Tomorrow we have plans to search for rain ponchos for the kids. The roads become rivers and at least for this first week of rain--the flying ants take flight! On Sunday, after it had rained...the flying ants created the effect of a snow flurry while we drove to church. Definitely different.

Enjoy a few shots from the rain this morning.

Hanging clothes inside to avoid a second rinse cycle.

The wing from one of the infamous flying ants.

It it is amazing to watch the plants and landscape turn "green" over night!

Tropical Rain

The sun trying to peek through during the downpour.

Thirsty flowers...beautiful in the rain!

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