Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Moving Day

We are professional movers...not that we help others move...we move--A LOT (technically, we've moved about 13 times this year alone!). But today...[drumroll please... we move into "our house" in Nicaragua!!!! This move, however, has been one of the most disorganized moves EVER! Fast forward a few hours from now and we will be aking each other things like: "Where did you pack my toothbrush? or "Where did you put my clothes?" or "Where is Noah?!" We have literally thrown our belongings into the very same bins that we moved here with--the bins that were so neatly packed and meticulously catalogued and each weighed exactly 49.5 pounds.

Here are a few pictures of the house...BEFORE we threw all of our stuff in!

"Our house"

Bethany and Noah sitting on the front porch

Part of the backyard...yes, it is all concrete... there is a fountain though...and a vine growing that is full of passion fruit!

The kitchen

The Living Room/Dining Room