Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Somos Nicas"

Translation: We are Nicaraguan.

Okay, well not by birth...but this morning, we obtained our Nicaraguan residency. If you remember, several months ago, we had to travel to Costa Rica in order to "re-enter" Nicaragua as tourists. [A tidbit of "visa" information for Nicaragua: a tourist visa lasts 90 days and the government allows you to "renew" it for another 90 you a total of 6 months. However, after that second installment of 90 must leave the country for 72 hours.] Sounds fine and good--a chance for vacation, unless you have three children whom need to travel with you. This morning as we waited in the Immigration Building, there were a smattering of complaints over the "waiting." I asked the disgruntled "wait-ers" if they would prefer taking the bus to Costa Rica. The immediate response was a very quick, "No, that's okay, we'll wait here." (Uh-huh, that's what I thought.) So, while obtaining residency is important for many reasons, the #1 reason for our family would be to avoid the day-long bus ride to Costa Rica.

Obtaining residency has been quite a process...lots of paperwork, mailings (thanks to Bruce & Debbi for all your trips to the post office), proving you were born in New Jersey, standing in lines, being told "no" this morning due to our documents "not being ready" (thanks to our lawyer, Cecilia for pushing the issue). After some deliberation of the "people behind the window" at the Immigration Building...God parted the Red Tape Sea, and granted us passage and favor to the Land of Residency. So, join with us today to give God the glory for this miracle (well, it feels like a miracle to us). Thanks for all who have helped us and have been praying for us throughout this process.

Now, if only instaneous fluency in the Spanish language came with the residency card!