Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Campin' Out

It is bedtime here in Nicaragua...yet, all my kids are down here in the living room...sleeping either on matresses on the floor or on the sofa. By the way, Jeff and I will be sleeping down here in the living room tonight as well. Actually this is our second night sleeping downstairs. Why, you ask? Because the upstairs is covered in a not-so-fine layer of dirt and other gross-ness, due to the removal and repair of the roof. We have had quite the colony of bats roosting in our roof. There is no attic in this house...so the "roof" is made up of the wood plank ceiling, zinc (corrugated tin), and lastly u-shaped terracotta tiles. The bats roost between the layers of zinc and tile....AND....between the wood and the zinc. Well, despite the fact that these little creatures eat un-wanted mosquitos...we found that they did not make good house-mates. Because I do not want to make this story even longer, let's just say a miracle of sorts occured...the owners decided to completely remove the roof layers (and the bats), add insulation, and then re-layer the roof...as opposed to trying to seal up holes through which the bats would exit at dusk and enter around 4 in the morning (quite the flurry of noise, by the way!). Oh, and just so you know...bats can enter into the smallest of crevices. So, here I am typing in the dark...as my kids fall asleep--camped out in the living room.