Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Double Meanings...It isn't Just a Language Learner Error

There are many words that have multiple meanings. We have them in English. There are an abundance of them in Spanish as well. This morning, Noah's preschool class put on a little skit and song at Chapel. A note went home yesterday, asking parents to send their children to school on Tuesday dressed as "pastorcitos". To be sure, we looked up the word "pastor" in the dictionary (the "cito" part just means little).

pastor(a): 1. Shepherd/shepherdess.

So we dressed Noah as a shepherd, as did many other parents. However, we noticed this morning at the Chapel program that there was one child (a Nicaraguan) dressed in a shirt, tie and dress pants. It took us a minute, and then stiffling laughter, we realized that his parent must have interpretted the word "pastorcito" as the second definition for pastor.

pastor(a): 1. Shepherd/shepherdess. 2. minister, clergyman.

Apparently, second language learners are not the ONLY victims of mis-translation and multiply-defined words.

"our little shepherd boy"