Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just Bring Me A Pizza!!!!

Okay, let me share a secret (or perhaps a confession)...we can order pizza and have it delivered here in Managua--one of the benefits of living in the capital city. The options and quality are limited...but PizzaHut enjoys doing business here AND we recently discovered another pizza place called D'Agostino's.

We had agreed (and told the kids) that we would treat ourselves to pizza for dinner. Jeff is the "order-er" of the family. But tonight, Jeff is out helping a friend (I was really hoping he'd be back by dinner...but like many things is taking longer than expected). So, that meant that I had to call and place the order. There is usually a "deal" at PizzaHut--so armed with my conversation cheat-sheet--I dialed the number. I made it through most of my planned conversation...feeling rather accomplished. Then, the order guy started asking questions and telling me something about cheese that I didn't understand. What I gathered was that that the "offer" seems to no longer exist. (This is not good...please, let's not deviate from the conversation I planned). There was confusion about cheese-stuffed crust (no offense...but GROSS!) So, I cancelled the order (I think...I hope...we'll see in about 45 minutes).

Dejected, I grieved over my defeat. Then I decided that we were indeed going to have pizza tonight. I CAN order pizza, I told is essential to survival. So, I called the other pizza place without a cheat-sheet. It all seemed to go well until the "telling of the price". I think they wanted to know how much 'change' the delivery guy would need. This threw me off...goodness, I don't, do you want me tell you exactly what denominations of money you need to send him with? So, I just said I'd have the exact amount needed for the pizza (okay, another confession...I can't translate numbers). I just had to borrow Ella's small denominations of Nicaraguan money in hopes that I will have the EXACT combination of money needed for this pizza.

Ordering pizza used to be so simple...well, in about 30 minutes we'll see how successful (or not) I was in trying to get a pizza delieved to my house.