Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Last Day of School!!!!

It has been a while since we've posted. I looked at the last post date...and it made a lot of sense. We've been consumed since November 14th with final exams and end-of-the-school-year activities. By the grace and through the strength of God, we successfully made it through an entire school year in an entirely different language and culture! Our kids perservered as they walked through some hard valleys. Hopefully, they have learned that the Lord walks with them. They also climbed a few mountains and rejoiced at the top! Hopefully, they know that the Lord celebrates with them! While we spent the first several months translating every single word in every book assignment and on every worksheet...we have now reached a new level of language proficiency...well, at least at a preschool, first grade and third grade level! While we all fought to "fit in" and talk with others with the amount of vocabulary that could fit in one hand...we've made friends, shared meals, had playdates, and genuinely enjoyed being a part of the school community.

I'd love to wax eloquent...but it's been a long day. Today was the last day of school. We spent the morning enjoying a program for the "fin del año". It was also a Christmas program...being that there are no holidays (ie. Thanksgiving) standing in the way. It is still a bit odd to experience the things of Christmas when it is in the high 80s and flowers are blooming. Yet, we said our "see you next year's" and "feliz navidad's" and said farewell to one of the hardest school years we've ever experienced. I can say for sure, we all learned a lot and are stronger for it...our hearts and minds are changed...for that we are thankful.

Enjoy some photos from the day!

Andrew having a good time dancing to a swingin' Christmas song with his class.

Andrew with his "academic excellence" certificate...go figure! He truly worked hard and is well on his way to being bi-lingual.

Our little angel-girl!

Ella having fun in her class's performance!

Ella with her certificate of "academic excellence". This girl rocks school work. She is already translating for me!

Noah hanging out...waiting for the show to start!

Noah having fun being on stage with the preschool and kindergarten classes!

A very serious angel. (I just had to post rare to catch Noah with a serious expression!)

This is more like it...a smiling Noah-angel! He ran around with his wings on...yelling--"I'm an angel! I'm an angel!"

¡Felicidades Andrew, Ella y Noah! ¡¡Excelente trabajo!!