Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lost in Fiction

Again, we've allowed a big gap in time between our posts. We could blame it on the busyness of the Christmas season. Yet, while we have a few more social events, we are not overly busy. It is more likely that we could blame it on the kids being on vacation from school. However, since I am the one who posts the majority of our blogposts...I'll tell you why we have been blogslackers. The reason is: I get lost in fiction. It's true...I pick up a good book and forget that the world is still turning. My kids have to beg me for their meals, laundry is left in dirty piles, blogs go un-updated, Facebook falls low on the list...

Last night however, having stayed up too late (again), I finished The Help. Great book. The story struck me in a way that wouldn't have happened if we still lived in Delaware. Because, now, living here in Nicaragua, I have "help." While there are huge differences between the atmosphere and events of the 1960s (when the book takes place) and the present day -- still, there remains a thread of similarity. That 'thread' is one that I will continue to ponder, process and lift up in prayer.

It was a good book to get lost in...because it not only entertains...but gives reason to reflect and think. Still, for the sake of meals and clean socks, I am going to guess that my family is glad that I found my way back.