Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflection and Looking Forward

It's New Year's Eve. Something about this day makes you reflect on the past year and think more deeply about the coming year. Thinking about the past year here in Nicaragua, the relationships that we've started, the adjustments we've made...the mountains we still have yet to climb...I started to evaluate it all. If things dramatically changed (which we are not planning on or hoping for)...what would I miss about my life here in Nicaragua. Somehow, that gets me thinking about what I miss from the States. The water starts to muddy and I find myself asking the "why" questions...why are we here, why I am I not fluent in Spanish already, why can't there be a Target in Managua...??? But then, I hear that unmistakable voice of God in my soul...the answer to your questions, Bethany, is obedience. Obedience demonstrates Love. Love for God, God alone. That's where it starts and it spreads out from there. So, looking ahead at 2012...haven't got a clue...but I know that my "resolution" is to continue in the path of obedience.