Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Things that go "Bump" in the night

Last night as I (Jeff) was trying to fall asleep, I remarked to myself... "Self, there are some different sounds out there that you are gradually becoming accustomed to." Here is a list of the things that I have heard recently between the hours of 10pm to 4am. Keep in mind the hours I just mentioned as you read the list, and that our windows are never closed...we couldn't even close them if we wanted to.

-Roosters crowing (all night long)
-Dogs barking
-Insects buzzing (sometimes in my ear)
-Babies crying
-Table saw whirring
-Arc welder crackling
-Jake brake pounding
-Tractor trailer diesel trucks passing by
-Roosters crowing (they sound like they are right by my head now)
-Bats scurrying and squeaking in the ceiling above my head
-Large tree falling (it shook the house from 100 yards away)
-Coconuts falling with a thud!
-Crickets chirping
-Car alarms sounding
-Neighbors cooking (dinner and breakfast between 10pm-4am)
-Neighbors' conversations
-Fire works (different than fire crackers, these are the big ones)
-Cats fighting
-Fans spinning
-Guards using their whistles while doing their rounds
-Birds squawking
-Geckos chirping
-A certain 5 year old coming in and asking if it is Christmas yet?
-Varying livestock passing nearby
-Did I mention roosters crowing (they seem to be getting closer)?
-After I hear a quick scuffle, the rooster stops crowing...is someone cooking dinner? Nothing smells better than grilled chicken at 12am! Now I can get some sleep...ohh, but the smells...that would be a different post.

The truth is, that as I get accustomed to all of this, I probably couldn't sleep soundly if I were back in suburbia with windows that could close. It is becoming my new definition of white noise.