Saturday, December 10, 2011

Under the Mango Tree

Tonight, for the second time, we enjoyed attending a Nicaraguan house church. It meets at the home of one of Ella's classmates which means that the kids have fun running around and playing (Noah likes this kind of church). Tonight, we took advantage of the mild temperature and cool breeze by sitting outside for "church" under a canopy of mango trees. There were the usual yard dogs meandering about and a few horse carts clopped by along the road. In some ways, it is a stretch for us...not so much because of the 'life' that continues to go on around us while we 'do church' but rather due to the language gap. Both Jeff and I were asked to read a verse or two (in Spanish, of course), as well as, pray in Spanish. Andrew said we did a pretty good job. Yet, despite the differences and struggles with language...we feel welcomed and loved...and that's what matters, right? We may not conjugate our verbs correctly...but we share the commonality of being 'forgiven' and 'adopted' into God's Family. And His family is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural is a privilege to get a taste of that kind of fellowship this side of Heaven.