Monday, December 26, 2011


I (Jeff) will start by wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I am sure that Bethany with post something soon about Christmas, but I wanted to write about my vacation.

Since graduating from veterinary school in 2001, I have not had the academic type of Christmas vacation until now. Let me tell you, it is sweet! I gave the final exam to my students on December 15th, I couldn't grade all of them right away because one student didn't show up to take his exam, he was "stuck with his family in an interview at the embassy"...yeah sure...likely excuse. I hadn't heard that excuse before, but around here it is legitimate and believable. I had the exams graded and final grades entered by December 19th, and I was officially on vacation!

I have read 2 books, and am in the middle of 3 others.
I have played board games with the kids.
I have helped paint half of the house.

I have eaten countless Christmas cookies.
I have watched more football than my wife is pleased with (yes, I can watch American football online for is very small, very pixelated, and stutters, sometimes showing 1 frame for every 10 frames it drops, but for an addict it is a fix.

And then, just this morning, Andrew and I were thinking up plans for an addition to the tree-house that the kids and I built last month.

I am still kind of the 'on-call' veterinarian for the missionary community, so I get the random a few nights ago for the dog versus porcupine mishap.
(note for the squeamish, picture is graphic, so scroll down with caution)

Watch out!!! Here it comes...

[Call me crazy, but I enjoy this kind of "work" so it doesn't feel like it is spoiling my vacation. ]

I am giving myself until the beginning of January before pursuing the next phase of "employment". For now, I am just enjoying the academic calendar and the vacation that comes with it. It is a good time to vacate!