Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Burglars Beware!

I (Jeff) am very thankful for the varied responses that I have received to my last two postings. I have received the suggestion that I should be even more open in sharing our experiences and others encouraging more caution. Regarding my musings on security, I have received comments of "right-on", and also "you are off base". Because of the variety, I went back and read what I wrote, and I got stuck staring at the picture of the padlock. I smiled because I had just read a note encouraging more caution and I thought about what kind of an experience a burglar would have...

Back yard scenario: Scale a 10 foot wall covered with razor wire. Break your ankle dropping 10 feet into our concrete backyard. Say hello to our ferocious Rottweiler while being blinded by our motion sensor lights. Begin breaking outer bars to door (the ones with the padlock). Once through bars, break down interior door with 3 dead bolts, and finally...be greeted by a boxer-clad gringo wielding a stick and a Maglite. And no, I won't post a picture of that :)

Front yard scenario: Get past the two guard stations and the 3 guards. Scale the chain link fence. Say hello to our dog, and repeat the above mentioned lights, bars, dead bolts, and scary man in boxers.

My home security philosophy is to take every reasonable precaution possible while placing my ultimate trust in God.

Short of having the Depelter Turbo from the movie "Over the Hedge" (currently banned by the Geneva Convention) we are as secure as can be. Now, the hard part is trying to get into the house when your kids have to use the potty after a road trip.