Friday, January 20, 2012

Guilt Free Laundry

For the last year and a half, Jeff has been 'home'. He left his job in May of 2010, to start preparing for moving to Nicaragua. Since May of 2010, I have had the twisted notion that we have been on 'vacation'. Of course language learning and cultural adjustment hasn't felt like vacation...but I had been accustomed to Jeff working full time. So the fact that he was 'home' meant he was on vacation. Even though I knew this was not the 'reality'...I functioned like it was. I would put off chores or begrudgingly do chores feeling like I was missing out on the precious time we had "off". Odd, I know. Actually, it really messed up my routine. I LOVE my husband, he's my best friend...yet, he was on my turf ALL DAY LONG. I have done laundry with the guilt of not taking advantage of 'the vacation time with Jeff' for over a year. Crazy, I know. The mind (okay, my mind) is an interesting thing.

However, this week, Jeff started "working" at the university (vet school) in Managua. He is no longer on 'vacation' in my mind. I was able to do laundry guilt free. I have my 'turf' back AND he has a new role/work that he enjoys...we have returned to the 'roles' God intends for us to have. Routine. Balance. Guilt-free laundry.