Sunday, February 12, 2012


Sunday. A day of rest...or play...if you are a kid. I was struck today by the incredible blessing it is that our kids each have a friend that is close to their own age in our neighborhood. They played today....played hard.

Noah and his friend play everything from good ol' Legos and Matchbox cars to games that come from the depth of Noah's imagination. Ella and her friend play Barbies, put on 'shows' in the backyard, giggle like little girls, create works of art with glitter glue and markers. Andrew and his friend (and that friend's little brother) built a fort today from a fallen tree. Andrew only returned a few times throughout the day for supplies--cold water, a hammer and some nails. Other than that, he runs out into the woods with his best buddy and comes back when it is nearly dark or dinner time.

In many ways, it seems like an old fashioned childhood...they can walk to and from each others homes, build forts, and play in the woods. There is freedom for kids to be kids. 'It is a gift from God', says Andrew.