Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Look What I Found!

The school that our children attend is experiencing amazing growth, and so just yesterday they broke ground on a new building for more class rooms. Today as I (Jeff) went to pick up the kids from school, my friend told me that they guys digging the footers for the foundation just unearthed 3 big "jarrones de concreto". My mind translates this as 3 big vases or pots of concrete. I thought "that is odd, and an odd thing to feel the need to tell me". He went on to explain that they were very old. I said "like from a previous house or fence that was built there 50 years ago". He could then tell that I didn't understand the significance. He explained that these were artifacts from the indigenous people, and were probably many hundreds of years old. I went over to see for myself and this is what I saw:

This clay / terracota pot was about 2 feet in diameter. All you can really see is the lid. The lip of the base is just barely visible at about the 4:00 position.

This one was broken, looking like a cut away hole in a block of Swiss cheese.

These bones were found inside the broken one.

A nearby woman who was looking at them with me was saying that these are very common to find in this area, as it was a cemetery, and the remains were apparently placed in the pots. She said that she found one of these pots on her property and it had a human jaw bone inside...interesting huh?

It was also interesting to me that the workers were continuing to dig their ditches around the pots. I was told that the national museum was called, but I wouldn't be surprised if they continue on with the work as planned. Are there any budding archeologists out there that want to come down for a dig and then stick around to help build the school?