Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quick Word Count

I (Jeff) was recently challenged to read the entire Bible in 90 days. I am currently 10 days into it and I am about 20% done, just having finished the book of Judges. The experience has already been incredibly rich as I am having new observations every day. One observation that recently struck me was the emphasis on rest and in particular, the Sabbath rest.

At the end of reading the first 5 books, I had the subjective feeling that the Sabbath and rest seemed to be more emphasized than other themes. So, I decided to do a quick word count. Thanks to I can do just that with a couple clicks.

Here they are with some others for comparison:

Faith: 7 times
Hope: 0 times
Love: 33 times
Rest: 48 times
Sabbath: 32 times

Interesting...and another tid-bit that challenges my theology is that there was one example of a person that broke this command by collecting sticks on the Sabbath. His punishment...death. (Numbers 15:32)

I guess my first question that comes from this observation is Why? Why is it so important? I have some of my own preliminary answers, maybe you have some of your own as well. Regardless, God thinks it is a big deal. Do I (do you) honor the Sabbath and keep it holy? Why? and Why not?...or maybe more to our reality, our application of this Truth...So what?