Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ready for Random??

So, since we've super slackers with Window Wednesdays....I thought I'd hit you with a smattering of photos from the last several months. Enjoy the randomness.

Andrew spent a good portion of his vacation reading the series: Warriors.

Playing with Luna. She has grown SO MUCH since the time this photo was taken!

The Nica version of raking, leaf. This is a palm frond. Thankfully they hang low for a while before they crash to the ground. They are heavy and I imagine that it would be painful to be hit with one. The dog gets pretty freaked out when they fall...for her, it's like the sky is falling!

A few big trees have fallen in the center green space in our neighborhood. We found a few pieces that the wood guys didn't want. Jeff and I made this nifty shoe rack. Cool, huh?

The "superman" inside of Noah is alive and well! Sometimes, I am very thankful that all of our second story windows have wrought iron bars!

Luna really is a good dog overall despite her obsession with stealing towels and other items from the wash sink outside. The best part of having a dog here in the tropics...they get to live outside ALL year 'round!

We had some bananas growing in our yard. They tasted pretty good. Currently, we have plantains growing and they taste great fried in a little oil with salt. Fried, green plantains are called TAJADAS [tay-HA-das]. Super yummy!