Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Seriously, Another Feathered Visitor?

So, on Saturday, while our friends were here visiting, another "bird" decided to drop in and say 'hello'. Thankfully, this one stayed in the back yard. The problem was...roosters don't really fly. There are chickens in the yard behind ours....but we have a 15 foot concrete wall separating us from them. The rooster's entry will remain a mystery.

Anyway, hearing the flapping and crowing in our back patio...the kids and I ran out back to check it out. Indeed, there was a little rooster walking around the courtyard. The cat, of course, had gotten out and was drooling over the thought of a chicken dinner. The dog just wanted to play (the rooster, not so much). We put both the cat and dog inside and I grabbed a laundry basket (and a camera). Okay, I don't know what I was thinking...did you know it isn't really easy to catch a rooster in a laundry basket. Andrew tried for a while too...for the fun of it. Noah wondered out loud what we should name our new pet. Finally, after torturing the poor bird with a pink laundry basket and a group of excited children...Andrew managed to get the rooster to "fly" back over the wall. Goodness, what will "visit" next??

"What a fun game!" thinks Luna.

"What a fun game!" think the kids.

"Why did I think going over the wall would be a fun game??" thinks the rooster.