Monday, April 30, 2012

The Joke Is On Me

I (Jeff) knew that this day would come.  This morning I showed up at the University for classes and nobody was there except for the guards.  I was 10 minutes early, but I could still notice the absolute lack of students and professors.  I did a quick look around and then asked a guard if there were any classes today.  Of course the answer was "no" with a small smile.  I cracked a joke about my ignorance, for the amusement of the guard, and then headed home.

Here is the explanation as best as I can guess.  Tomorrow is a national holiday (like Labor Day in the U.S.) and the government decided to give today (Monday) as an additional holiday to create a 4 day weekend.  There was talk at the University about this on Thursday of last week, but the administration was adamant that there would be classes on Monday regardless of what the government decided to do.   All I can guess is that the decision was made on Friday and the news spread like a virus, but apparently Gringos have innate immunity from this virus.  I was forewarned that a day like this would come (and it won't be the last) and knowing that helped alleviate any frustration.

Well, the guard got a good chuckle and I got a little more time to dodge traffic and listen to a sermon on my mp3.  So what to do with my day off?  I am sure that it will fill up if I just check my email and answer my phone.