Monday, April 9, 2012

A New Way to Celebrate

We live in a wonderful neighborhood. Yesterday, for Easter, a young couple (THANKS Jason and Jesenia!) planned an Easter "Egg" Hunt for all the kids in the neighborhood. Although, instead of using eggs...the kids hunted for mangoes. Mangoes are very much in season this time of year...there are hundreds of mangoes ripening (and falling) all over the neighborhood. The kids were divided into age groups and sent searching...prizes were awarded for the kids who collected the most mangoes (Ella won 3rd place in her division and got a bag of M-n-M's for a prize!). At the end...all the mangoes were piled into a wheelbarrow, dumped in the central green space and will become wonderful "environmentally friendly" are we!?!

A New Kind of 'Egg'

After the mango hunt, another family (THANKS Mark and Nancy!), hosted a hotdog & marshmallow roast. It was a whole new experience to have a raging bonfire in 100 degree weather. Actually, when you walked away from the fire, it felt cooler.

What a crazy/wonderful way to celebrate Easter. Friends, Fun, Fellowship. Our family certainly had a great time and we hope this will become an annual event!

Enjoy the snapshots of our Easter in Nicaragua.

Family Photo on Easter 2012

Noah listening to the "rules" of the Hunt.

Andrew and His Best Friend, Jesús, waiting to search.

"I'm GOING to get that Mango!"

Ella...focused on the search.

Mangoes are definitely heavier than plastic eggs.

Andrew and Jesús

The Bonfire

Jeff and Noah cooking Easter Dinner.

Five countries were represented at this neighborhood Easter celebration. What a taste of heaven...celebrating God's Grace and Love with the nations.