Monday, April 16, 2012

Tables and Tacks

This weekend, while Jeff was in the middle of "surgery" in our living room, Noah and I were "building" outside. Noah found some scrap wood and he wanted to build a table. I enjoy "building" furniture as well, so Noah and I went to work. We worked together to make a small, very rustic, little table that interestingly resembles an ironing board. Noah worked hard and was very proud of his work.

"The Table"

When we finished, we were going to bring the little table inside to show Jeff. Noah stopped and simply said "OW!OW". No tears...just that simple utterance. He was holding his foot a little funny so I picked him up to see what he had stepped was a one-inch metal furniture tack...completely embedded in the soft part of the arch of his foot.

"The Tack"

I yanked it out. Still, no tears from Noah. I carried him inside, cleaned the puncture wound, assured myself that he has had a tetanus shot, and bandaged him up. I think he was as equally as proud of his injury as he was of his table. It is rarely a dull day here in Nicaragua.

"Our Tough Little Carpenter"