Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Mother's Day in Nicaragua

 Tomorrow, in Nicaragua, is Día de Madre....Mother's Day.  It is a pretty big holiday. Schools are closed....which ironically makes a bit more work for mothers...go figure.

Today, at the kids' school, was the Acto de la Familia.  This is a celebration of family...it is Mother's Day, Father's Day (in June) and Day of the Children all rolled into one grand event.  The kids worked hard at putting together a performance for the parents.  There was a mix of dances, songs, poetic readings, and skits.

This year, Ella's class danced to a song from Sleeping Beauty and Noah's class sang along with a song that sounded like it was sung by the Chipmunks...but in Spanish.  Andrew said his class's dance was "too girly" and the boys all opted to be spectators rather than performers.  I suggested that perhaps next year that the boys should have a "sword fight" in honor of MOM.  He liked that idea.

Enjoy a couple of photos from the day.  (Since Jeff was at the university, I was a one-woman media crew...the video camera, my friend's camera (a teacher at the school), and my camera...needless to say, I only snapped a few photos).

Our Sweet Ella

Ella's dance partner "didn't show"... So she danced solo.
Noah...looking like a big kid!  So handsome!