Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Parrot, The Letter A, and A Guitar

Three random things.  A little view into our life.

Noah has been praying for a parrot for nearly a year and a half.  He asked for a parrot and was given the answer..."Noah, you can certainly pray for God to give you a parrot."  So, Noah would pray..."God, please hurt a parrot's wing and make it fall into my yard."  Well, on Friday of last week, one of the guards in our neighborhood, brought to the "vet", a baby parrot who had fallen out of its nest in a very tall tree in our neighborhood.  The parrot had broken its beak.  Jeff removed the broken beak, leaving the parrot with only the bottom beak and 20% of its top beak.  It is recovering in a cage in our living room.  I feed it 4 times a day through a syringe.  The parrot's name is Junie B. Noah is quite pleased that God answered his prayer for a parrot.

Junie B, The Beakless Parrot
This afternoon, Andrew started guitar lessons.  Not earth shattering news, I know.  However, Andrew's teacher speaks Spanish.  It is surreal to hear Andrew asking questions and learning how to play a musical instrument in Spanish.  I'm not sure when this sense of surrealism will fade for me.  Regardless, I am glad that Andrew is learning to play guitar...maybe he'll learn some Spanish serenades!

Noah's homework today was to cut and glue into his notebook pictures of things that start with the letter A.  My mind immediately thinks of things likes Apples and Alligators.  Noah immediately said:  Avion (plane),  Árbol (tree), Abeja (bee).  A-mazing