Monday, August 27, 2012

Celebrating 8 Years of Ella Kathryn!

Yesterday, our little girl turned 8 years old!  We've watched her grow and blossom in so many ways this year.  She maintains the strength of personality that we saw from minute one after birth. She is a bright child who can corner you with her questions.  She has a great aptitude for math--which is her favorite subject.  She has recently developed an interest in sewing and for her birthday received a crocheting kit...which she worked on until she mastered the basic stitch yesterday.  We've seen her grow in her awareness and care for others; as well as her desire to understand the mysterious things of God. 

We celebrated all weekend!  She and a couple of friends and their moms joined us for burgers and milkshakes at a local 50s style diner.  We enjoyed a family lunch on Sunday and some key lime pie for a birthday dessert! 

Enjoy the snapshots from the celebration!

Fun at the Fifties Diner!
"My very own wrist watch!"

8 Candles!!!!!!!!
Our Sweet Ella Kate