Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nothing Super Special...Just Random Stories with S's

Sistema Solar

Ella had a science project to complete this weekend.  The Solar System.  I still remember doing a solar system model in elementary school...my favorite planet was Saturn. Of course, now instead of looking information up in an encyclopedia, we looked up the information on a website designed by NASA for kids. Ella took great care to color each planet according to NASA's description.  Although, when it came time to label all the planets...we had to find the names in Spanish.  My daughter knows her stuff...in Spanish.

Science Fair

This past Friday, Andrew participated in his school's annual Science Fair.  The younger grades are doing projects for the sake of learning science.  The higher grades are looking at how to impact the world.  It is a great event and Andrew enjoyed the experience. 

Surgery Saturday

We had another Surgery Saturday here this past weekend.  It went from 7am to 6pm.  11 long hours.  We are so thankful for our fabulous assistant and almost official veterinarian, Cristell. She does a great job and we really couldn't manage the surgery schedule without her.  Thanks Cristell!

For the squeamish viewers (and the poster of the blog), we've "blacked out" the super gross parts.

Sunday Service

We had the privilege this Sunday to attend the inaguaration service of a friend's church.  This has been a many, many month process and we are excited to see the ways his church will grow as he seeks to serve his community.  As a side note, as we approached the service, a chicken walked by holding a little snake in its beak...a little snake snack.  There always seems to be a little but obvious reminder that we are in a different "world".

Sam, the Second Iguana

Perhaps you caught this news on Facebook...but another little green iguana was "captured" and "named" recently.  This little creature, named Sam (the Second) by Noah, escaped multiple times in the house.  Noah would pray for his safe return and we'd find him in the strangest places within 24 hours of Noah's prayer plea. The oddest place (primarily because it was on the second floor) was inside Noah's mosquito net.  Noah awoke to the sight of Sam hanging inside his netting.  What a great way to wake up...if you are Noah.  However, we did release Sam into the wild of our front yard.  Noah is sure he'll come back to visit.