Sunday, September 23, 2012

Burgers and Bonfires

As a family, we have set aside Friday night as "FAMILY NIGHT".  Sometimes, we play a game.  Sometimes, we rent a movie.  This past Friday, we treated ourselves to burgers and fries at the Fifties-Style Diner down the road.  We intended to come back home and roast marshmallows over a small bonfire; however, while we sat in the diner eating our burgers...Rainy Season decided to finally grace us with her presence.   So, yesterday, about 1 hour before the next torrential downpour...we built a small bonfire in the front yard.  Let me tell you...catching anything on fire in high humidity is a challenge.  Yet, we were eventually successful and had a great time making s'mores in the front yard!

Enjoy some snaphots of the event.  (By the way...someone suggested that peeing on a fire is a great way to put it out...another someone decided that he'd test out this theory.  It made a very laughable end to a fun time!  However, I am not posting the photographic documentation.)

Andrew preparing roasting sticks.


Not sure what's more fun...playing with the spear or eating marshmallows!

Ella and Andrew (not the infamous "someone") putting out the fire with the help of Rainy Season.