Saturday, September 15, 2012

¡Felices Fiestas Patrias!

Today is Nicaragua's Independence Day.  Today they celebrate their independence from Spain.  This past week, our kids' school celebrated the holiday.  On Wednesday, they had an assembly on the basketball court and sang the National Hymn and read parts of the Act of Independence (or at least that is what I understood of it all).  Each class constructs a mural on a different geographic region of Nicaragua.  Typical food (Comida Tipica) is shared in each class.  In talking with some of the other "moms" at school, I learned that the celebration is important in passing on tradition and culture to the next generation.  The party continued on Thursday when the entire school community met at a large dance studio in the city where each class at the school showed off their work in learning a traditional, folkloric dance.  It was hot, humid, loud, & chaotic...but truly a fantastic experience to participate in the celebration.  Noah sat this dance out...but Andrew and Ella gave it their all in their clases' performance. ¡Viva Nicaragua!

The School Assembly on Wednesday. 

Andrew's 'role' was as an Chinandegan Orange Vendor.
Noah--helping to represent the department of Rivas.
Ella tasting some "comida tipica".
"Comida Tipica" (sadly, none of us know exactly what this is.)
Our Beautiful Ella

A very handsome Andrew
The 'almost' pirate Noah cheering for his siblings from the audience.