Monday, September 10, 2012

Seven Stitches

Here's the story of the 'seven stitches'....

We are 10 minutes away from having a little dessert and coffee get-together with our small group from church last night.  I send Noah upstairs to brush his teeth and get ready for bed.  Andrew yells downstairs that Noah "bumped" his eye on the door. There are many bumps, bruises, 'owwies' that occur...we have kids after all.  I don't hear any crying or, I go about my pre-party preparations.  About 5 minutes later, Andrew yells downstairs..."Um, Mom, there is blood!!!"  Still, no crying.  I make my way upstairs and find Noah standing at the top of the steps with a rather bloody eyebrow and a pretty "open wound."  (By the way, in that period of time between injury and discovery, he laid down on my pillow...bleeding.) As I bring him downstairs, I call for Jeff.  Jeff glances at Noah and starts gathering "supplies."  We usher Noah into the emergency room that we also call our living room.  As we talk with Noah about pirate eye-patches (attempting to distract him), Jeff administers the numbing agent into Noah's eyebrow.  Noah isn't happy, but he lies still for the most part.  However, we need a much more effective diversionary measure for the stitching event.  So, we dangle the carrot of watching the movie, Transformers (which Noah has not been allowed to watch but has certainly wanted to), and we are on our way to the 'stitching.'  Andrew holds the portable DVD player up so Noah can watch out of the eye that is not covered by the sterile drape.  Ella opens up packages of sterile gauze.  I lean heavy over Noah to keep him still, well, still-ish.  While our small group guests eat dessert and drink coffee in the kitchen, Jeff puts 7 stitches into Noah's eyebrow.  Noah is one tough kid.  Good thing that he's a boy and scars are cool. 

How did this happen?  According to Noah, he was running in the dark.

Noah said, "Well, at least I'll have a scar. That's cool."