Thursday, October 18, 2012

Do You Say Hello?

When you walk into a doctor's office waiting room, do you say 'hello' to everyone already sitting there waiting?   If you are an extrovert maybe you do...or if you are a stay-at-home mom of a small child and feel like you never get to see anyone from the 'real world', then perhaps you will strike up a conversation with another mom who "looks" like you feel (well, I used to do this).

This week, we learned that when you enter the waiting area in the doctor's office (in our case it was an outdoor waiting area at one-doctor clinic) great everyone.  [And just to clarify...we weren't ill...we had to get some certificates of health to renew our residency cards.]  Anyway, as each new patient approached, they greeted everyone with a "buenas días."  As we all had to take a number, there was some trading of numbers so that moms with kids could go in without a longer wait.  Conversations were started.  Stories were shared.  It was a great window into culture. 

So if you want to experiment a little and shake things up...extend a cheery greeting with everyone in the waiting room next time you walk into the doctor's office.