Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Day to Celebrate: Kindergarten Graduation

This morning we attended Noah's Kindergarten Graduation.  Here in Nicaragua, graduations are quite the event...even at the Kindergarten level.  The morning celebration included the procession of graduates, several speeches (two were given by Kindergarten students), receiving of the diplomas and several songs sung by the graduating Kindergarten class.  It was a sweet event!  The irony is that Noah will be essentially repeating Kindergarten, but as a homeschool student next school year (we follow the Nica school calendar...so school starts in February).  However, he had a good time at graduation, admitted he was a little sad to say goodbye to his wonderful teacher; yet, he is excited for this thing called "homeschooling."  Today really was a celebration of Noah completing two school years in a Spanish-speaking school.  Noah had not yet attended school in the States before we moved...so this was his first-ever school experience.  It started out with many months of tears, but ended with lots of smiles...thanks to the teachers and helpers in the Kinder and Preschool classes at school.  We are so thankful for the seemingly endless supply of patience and love that Noah's teachers poured out on him.  Yes, today was truly a day to celebrate!

Enjoy the snapshots from today!

Noah, the Graduate.
Our Red Carpet Moment
We love you Noah!
So proud of their little brother!
Noah and his 'old friend' Alvaro

Noah and Omar (Noah's very first friend at school)

Noah and his good buddy, Felipe