Saturday, November 10, 2012

And The Verdict Is....

Finally, the conclusion to the harrowing tale of the gas station accident.  Yesterday, I returned to the police station for the second time (I went the day after the accident like I was asked to...only to be told to come back in a week).  I walked into the transit office (which by the way looks like one of the rooms in which Jennifer Garner was always tortured and interrogated in the show Alias)....and we sign a "guest book" of sorts.  I get called into an office, the officer takes my little card that says I was in an accident.  He finds the matching file, hands me my license, asks me to sign a document saying that I was NOT at fault and tells me to come back in a week to pick up my accident report. 5 opposed to the 5 hours I waited the day of the accident.  Justice has been done.  

Interestingly, the gas station attendants asked Jeff what the decision had been when he went to get gas later that same day.  Jeff informed them that it was determined to be not my fault.  They were all pleased that the "right decision" had been made. (There is a whole other story here...but that is for another time.) 

By the way, here is a picture of the little 'dent'.  Please ignore the fact that our car is filthy.  We recently washed it and the dent looks so much shinier!