Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's My Tranquilo

When Noah first started preschool here in Nicaragua, he cried...A LOT.  Not only was it his first time at school...he understood nothing of what was being said since everything was being said in Spanish.  His teachers used to tell him "Tranquilo Noah, tranquilo."  It means: it's okay, chill out, calm down.  Noah came to associate the word "tranquilo" with feeling distressed and sad.  Even now, if we say 'tranquilo', he kinda flinches.

Tonight, feeling rather 'homesick' for a familiar landscape in nature, I looked out the window and saw a moonlit palm tree.  You may be thinking...'oh, how I wish I could enjoy the warm breeze and gaze upon a moonlit palm tree'.  I was thinking...'I really dislike seeing palm trees outside my window.'  Perhaps because it represents the familiar feeling of unfamiliarity.

Palm trees have become my 'tranquilo.'  Kinda ironic. Jeff joked that tropical vacations are forever ruined.  Iceland, Alaska, and Switzerland may end up as our future vacation destinations.