Monday, February 11, 2013

The First Day, Our Third Year

Today began the first day of a new school year here in Nicaragua.  This will be our third school year!  It is hard to believe sometimes.  This year we have made a few changes!  Noah will be homeschooling full-time.  I know...WOW! However, due to some serious confusion over two languages and some potential learning challenges...homeschooling is the optimal option for Noah right now.  [Perhaps, he will learn that putting adjectives after nouns only works in Spanish, not English!]  In addition to homeschooling Noah full-time, Andrew and Ella will attend school (NCA Nejapa) in the mornings and homeschool in the afternoon...focusing on English reading and writing, math, American History, as well as having good ol' family time!  We are excited for the extra time as a family and hope to use the time well!

Today was a good start--Noah and I worked through his lessons successfully and even spent some time in Noah's favorite subject---Art Class.  Here is what he and I was his idea and design...I just helped with the logistics.

A Cat--made mostly from things found in Nature.
 Andrew and Ella reported back that their days went well.  Of course, I need to be strategic in asking "how was your day?" by asking for 'one good thing and one hard thing.'  This way, I get some positive along with the negative.  Third and Fifth grades are for sure going to be more challenging...for all of us.  I spent about an hour with Ella reading and translating her Social Studies...and it was only about the movement of the Earth, the role of the Sun and the Seasons.  I even got a bit nauseous trying to be the rotating Earth around the Sun.  Pitiful, I know!!!  However, we did enjoy sitting in rocking chairs on the porch while we studied...and that time is precious! one is down...and we are thankful to God for the strength He gave us to navigate today...and thankful for the mercy He promises anew each morning.

Here are the kids in the traditional "first day of school" photos. (Andrew and Ella were fortunate to have gym class on Monday...and so, as Ella says, it is kinda like wearing your pajamas to school.)