Thursday, May 23, 2013

And We Are Moving...Again.

Yeah, it's not what you think.  We are just changing houses within the same neighborhood.  And, no, we can't get mail there either.  There are many reasons why we are making this move; overall, however, we feel that this will be a better house to call 'home' for our family. The whole process of this move have raised some interesting questions and thoughts for me (which I will get to a few paragraphs down...just wade through this with me).

One of the reasons we are moving...okay, get that the tile floor, in our current house, drives me crazy.  I know, it sounds so selfish, vain, petty...believe is a little embarrassing to even write it.  But, stay with me here.  Environment, ambiance, colors, light...these things greatly affect me.  I will go as far as to say that my environment affects my mental health.  I joke that my external environment needs to be peaceful because the environment of my mind is chaotic.

I desire that my home serves as a refuge for me, my family, and visitors.  Not to mention, I home-school my three kiddos--FULLTIME--I am home ALL day.  For two years, I tried to push aside the nagging irritation caused by the busy floor and dark ceilings.  I mean, really, how can I complain about my far-beyond sufficient abode when there are others here in Nicaragua and around the world that have no place to call home.  I tried to make the current house work for me--I painted, I rearranged furniture, I hung hand-made artwork...but still I felt agitated.  Yet, I certainly didn't want my issues over tile to displace my family.  My kids call this house their home.  We love this neighborhood, the community that we have here is unique and a tremendous gift from God.   I prayed for contentment.

Then, we heard about a house that was available in the same neighborhood that did not have the crazy tile or the dark ceilings.  It is smaller and there is less yard space (but a strip of earth outside Ella's window for her much desired garden).  There are pros and cons for sure.  However, we decided after much prayer to make the move...which will happen next weekend.  I am hopeful that I will be able to settle in a little deeper, which is important as we look ahead to our indefinite future in Nicaragua.

Okay, I'm going to take a hard right turn here.  In processing this move "out loud" to others, it has raised a question in my mind.  Is my generation (and the generations that follow mine) less likely to accept and settle regarding their homes compared to the generations that have come before us?  Now, I am not at all implying that previous generations did not appreciate creativity, beauty and a lovely home.  I am asking:  in an age of DIY, Pinterest, HGTV, etc., are we a more discontent culture?  Believe me, I am all for creativity, DIY, creating a home that is peaceful and facilitates worship of our God....but do we, as a generation of Pinterest and HGTV make our homes an idol to worship.   Let me make this specific to my situation.  Outside of American culture, where the DIY generation has created its own industry, how is this 'need to improve' and have a perfect and beautiful house perceived by other cultures?  How do my Nicaraguan friends perceive my need to have a visually pleasing ceiling and floor?  Honestly, I am not sure I want the answer to that question.  I do know that we prayed about this move.  I know that 'perfect' houses do NOT exist outside of the internet.  I know that my eternal home is far more important than my temporal, earthly home.  I also know that God is a God of Beauty, Order, Creativity, and good gifts.  I am thankful for His provision of a different house within the same, great neighborhood.  

(By the way, our next newsletter from CVM addresses this as well...but I am going to post this at the risk of being redundant.)

The tile floor that drives me crazy!