Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy 12th Birthday to Andrew!

On October 5th, we celebrated Andrew's 12th Birthday.  WOW!  12 years. A dozen years.  I do think that Andrew will likely surpass me in height this year...although considering my whopping 60"...that isn't saying too much.  While he still loves the things of childhood, he is maturing and growing in character.  Being our firstborn child, we get to make the majority of 'trial-and-error' mistakes on him...but he is super gracious...and for that we are thankful!

On Saturday, he invited his best buddy and his buddy's little brother, along with Noah to party "boy" style in our courtyard.  No streamers or balloons were needed (although balloons would have made good targets)...just airsoft pistols, a slingshot, paint thinner, a match and a watchful father/husband standing nearby.
I commented to Jeff about 45 minutes into the party, "Can boys just shoot at things for an indefinite amount of time?!"  The answer was "Yes."  Okay then, no need to plan other sorts of activities.   They shot. They ate. They had cake. A great party...by boy standards.

Enjoy the snapshots!