Monday, October 21, 2013

Three Year Milestone

This day marks our three year anniversary of moving to Nicaragua.  Ironically, we stepped on and off American soil today (at the Embassy) to renew the kids' passports.  However, here we in Nicaragua...still walking the journey that God asked us to embark on so many years ago.

I would love to neatly package all the things we've learned over the past three years; but we are seemingly forever in process and I believe that we will be re-learning those lessons going forward as well! Not to mention, for the most is life as usual.  While I still compare and contrast life HERE vs. THERE somewhat often...our kids see HERE as normal.

The other day, I commented to Jeff that I feared that we were raising odd in not normal. They live a multi-cultural life and will not experience the typical "American childhood" (whatever that is).  What happens when/if they return to the States!?  What if they are "not normal?"  Then, I realized...whose definition of "normal" am I striving for?  My children are living and growing in the environment that God ordained for them.  It is not just Jeff and I 'living out God's plan'--our children are on this journey as well.

The last three years have left and will continue to leave an impression on their hearts and minds.  And for the most part, I think that is a good thing.