Monday, April 28, 2014

Noah's 8th Year Birthday Celebration!

Noah is our extrovert.  And that is an understatement. He loves parties. He had been cooking up plans for his 8th birthday for weeks.  Here are the results in pictures.

I am starting to wonder if this tooth will ever grow in.

The Noahs:  Noah M. and Noah B. 

Each balloon had a piece of get it--you had to shoot the balloon. (Because it isn't a good party unless there is a weapon involved.)
Noah planned several games: relay races, an obstacle course made from coconuts and palm fronds, and of course....
....Pin the tail on the OWLIZARD...because what party is complete without it! (Andrew made this for Noah per his request).
The Birthday Boy shoots first!
Omar and Noah (remember Omar...Noah's first friend in Nica!)
One of Noah's best buddies...Felipe.  These boys are two peas in a pod!
Noah wanted to alter a cookiebar that I make...the alteration: add M-N-Ms.