Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Window Wednesday

My friend Ann and I ventured into the Oriental Market on Monday to buy some fabric. (The Oriental Market is one of the largest markets in Central America...sometimes referred to as the Black Market even though that is not completely accurate.)  I only buy from one shop in the Oriental Market.  It is known by the ex-pat women here as the "One-Armed Man."  The owner is indeed a one-armed man who smokes in his fabric shop under the sign that says "No Fumar" (translation: no smoking).  It is hot, dusty and moderately disorganized....but he has the best fabric in the country (in my opinion). At the shop of the One-Armed Man, you buy fabric by the pound.  He has a ton of remnant fabric!  The price per pound is 60 cordoba which is about $2.30. They weigh it on a deli-style scale.  This last trip, I bought a little over 4 pounds of remnant material and paid about $11 with tax. While there are days I miss Jo-Ann's Fabrics, I take solace in the fact that I can visit the One-Armed Man in Oriental.