Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday's Teachable Tidbit: Homeschool Hate-Words

What are homeschool hate-words you may ask? Let me give you some examples:

“Well, instead of me telling you what that means, I suggest that you look that up in the dictionary.”

“I'd like you to write a book report.”

“Good job writing that rough draft, now it is time to edit your draft.”

Today, it was the first example in this list that sparked a character-building discussion. I suppose a charge and challenge to all teachers, whether they teach in a classroom or at the kitchen table, is that of developing a love of learning in our students. If there is anything I want my kids to walk away with, from this season of homeschooling, it would be the love of learning. Can I guarantee that? No, I wish I could. However, while they are under my tutelage, I want to be sure that I am creating an atmosphere where learning is desirous, interesting, even fun at times. However, learning takes work.  I am learning that sometimes I need to take the hard stand and not feed them the answer when they are struggling but rather encouraging my children to discover the answer, search deeply for the answer, or fight through laziness to get the answer.  I am praying that they will each find something that truly sparks their love of learning and moves them far away from merely putting an X in the box labeled “schoolwork."