Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday's Teachable Tidbit: True Confessions

But, I don't wanna.” [said in the world's most whiniest voice.]

No, this is not a quote from any of my kids. This lovely example of “do not complain or argue about anything” (Phil. 2:14) is straight from my lips. Me. The homeschool mom.

It has been one of those weeks (and yes, I am aware that it is only Tuesday) in which I haven't wanted to homeschool. I haven't wanted the responsibility of teaching my children. I want to send them to school and let someone else teach them. If they succeed, I will take credit for raising great kids. If they fail, I can blame it on someone else. I don't know how to explain that “ have been and have seen” are pronounced differently...not to mention all the silent letters...actually, don't even get me started!!! Teaching(ie. making) my kids to write and learn the rules of grammar is too hard. [insert whiney voice again].

I know. I know!! Wasn't I the one who wrote about all the wonderful aspects of homeschooling a few weeks ago? Yes, but that was a few weeks ago and today this is how I feel. However, it is merely how I feel. I am sure that for this school year—homeschooling is the right choice per God's prompting. We do take it year to year. Admittedly, I am wishing that the year was up. I am praying for renewal and strength to carry on with what God has asked me to do. I will be thankful for the sweet moments of snuggling on the sofa while I explain how English phonetics contradicts itself constantly. I will enjoy having my chicks in my nest and watching them grow. I will remind myself of the persistence in learning to read that Noah has exhibited and persevere in my pursuit of educating my children.

But right now in this moment, I still don't wanna! Just keepin' it real this Tuesday.