Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday's Teachable Tidbit

There are so many reasons we decided to homeschool. Despite that fact that homeschooling was on my 'never' list, I am grateful that God asked us to school our children at home (granted, there are days I must choose thankfulness as I bury my face in my hands).

One of 'subjects' that we put at the top of the list under studying the Bible and reading is life skills.  What are life skills?  Well, they are all chores I don't want to do and conveniently teach my kids to do....laundry, dishes, and meal planning. Joking aside, life skills are the things that our children need to learn to do so we can 'launch' them successfully into the big, wide world.   They are learning how to manage money (how to spend wisely, save carefully, and give generously), how to plan dinners for the week and grocery shop (although, I may have inadvertently taught them how to sneak yummy treats or overpriced 'health foods' into the cart without checking the price), how to do laundry (even Noah can run the washer and dryer), how to manage their time and work as a team, etc.

Does this always go smoothly? No, of course not.  Do we need to 'dock their pay'? Yes.  As I have said before, I don't pay 'unemployment'.  It is a process, for sure.  However, it is one of the big benefits we see in this season of homeschooling.