Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Window Wednesday meets Tuesday's Teachable Tidbit

As many of you know, Noah lives with dyslexia (among other learning disabilities). It is both an asset and a difficulty.  It is what allows him to see outside the box and be creative; it is also what has significantly delayed his academic learning.

However, Noah is a learner. He perseveres. He is determined. This week, he found a chapter book (one of the Magic Tree House books) in the stack of books we received from a friend. He made it his goal to read this book this week.  I will admit--I didn't have the faith needed to think he could. (Go ahead, judge me. I know. Shameful.) I wanted him to pick an easier book so he would 'feel good' about being able to read it. But no, he said--"I am going to read this book."

His ability to persevere is a lesson to me in my own life.  He has steadfastly worked on reading this book over the last two days. He has read seven chapters so far. He expresses understanding of the story. I stand amazed, humbled and corrected. He IS reading this book.  May I remember this week when I am tempted to consider a lesser goal because the greater goal seems too hard.