Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Window Wednesday

One of the things we have missed since moving to Nicaragua is 'take-out' Chinese food.  Other than good pizza, Chinese food was our 'go-to' for take-out.  While several Chinese food restaurants exist here in Managua, we were never quite brave enough to try....until recently.  Our neighbors, Charlie and Patricia Chen (who are Taiwanese), opened their own Chinese Restaurant a few kilometers from our house.  It is called Bin Bin...and it is way better than 'take-out.'

P.S. For those of you who heard about my latest stray cat find, Charlie was kind enough to give me a  box to bring the stray kitten home on Saturday.  
P.P.S. It is an interesting thing to use Spanish as your bridge language (Charlie speaks Chinese and Spanish and I speak English and Spanish.  Draw that out in a Venn Diagram and you get Spanish as the common language!)